Solutions by Room Type


The best designed meeting rooms use innovative microphone installs to encourage productive conversation.

Huddle Room

Enhance collaboration in every meeting space with Shure’s huddle room solutions.

Meeting Room

AV Conferencing Boardroom The boardroom is at the hub of momentous business decisions. Shure conference microphones enable natural communication where it counts.

Flexible Meeting Room

Need conferencing audio for flexible meeting rooms? Shure solutions adapt to your changing needs, whatever the meeting might require.

Training Room

What’s the smart way to build student engagement? Enhanced teaching microphones bring more clarity to the classroom.


Audio quality and convenience that lets you consult, discuss, and make effective decisions.


When words can make history, audio clarity is critical. Innovative conference systems by Shure turn talking points into progress.


Great classroom sound enhances the learning experience. And the right microphone makes the lecture reach every student.

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