Take the guesswork out of conference room audio

Know What You Need Before You Buy

There is nothing worse than ordering an audio device and finding out only after installed that it doesn’t cover your space! Stem RoomDesign is a tool that helps you determine exactly what devices you need in your meeting room before you ever spend a single cent.

Customization For Anyone And A Room

Start by adding in the dimensions or walls and add in some furniture to virtually recreate your room no matter the shape, size, or configuration.

Pick, Place, and Check

Your room, your design, your audio. Pick any Stem devices and place them in the desired location within your design.

Once you've added your devices you can check the estimated coverage range to see the estimated audio pickup for your room.

Coverage In Color

Estimated coverage shows you two possible variations of pick up ranges. The darker green represents optimal coverage, and the lighter green area highlights variable coverage which should help give you an idea of the potential coverage ranges.

Make Your Design Come To Life

Once your masterpiece is complete you can save your design or order your selected devices to make your room a reality.


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